Making Transparency Count

In 2016, OGP is taking one of its foundational values - Transparency – and asking applicants to show its real promise for both governments and citizens. Governments and government-controlled entities collect, commission and produce vast quantities of data and information as part of their day-to-day activities. When these are made readily available and accessible, citizens can creatively use, analyze, visualize and share them for public benefit. This can potentially lead to a wide range of impacts such as improved civic participation in public life, more efficient functioning of government and the creation of new services with social and commercial value. So what does transparency’s real promise look like for you? Did you use the right to information law in your country to hold your government accountable? Have you used government held data to develop an app that citizens widely use to better access public services? Did you help organize data in a way that makes government functioning more effective and save money?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you could inspire us with your story! Here are a few things to keep in mind before making a submission:

First, submissions should be initiatives that were made possible as a result of the OGP process and/or commitments made in OGP National Action Plans. Alternatively, you can submit an initiative on this theme, as long as the theme is likely to be addressed in your country’s upcoming OGP National Action Plan. However, you would have to submit evidence from the government to this effect.

Second, submissions should be initiatives that were designed, implemented, and/or scaled up in partnership with government. Alternatively, initiatives that are not in direct partnership with government but are directly catalyzed by government action will also be considered.

Third, submissions should be able to demonstrate that as a result of proactive or reactive transparency in government data/information, one or more of the following examples of impacts were achieved. The submitted initiatives could demonstrate impact across a range of sectors or thematic areas.

  • Citizens were able to make more informed choices and decisions about their day-to-day life
  • Citizens were able to participate more actively and directly in public policy matters
  • Citizens were able to benefit from improved performance and/or better services from policymakers and service providers
  • Citizens were able to exercise greater oversight of the activities of policymakers and/or service providers and hold them accountable
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The “P” in OGP reflects the shared and co-led endeavor of government and civil society working in partnership to design and implement open government reforms. OGP believes that it is more likely to see progress on ambitious open government reform promises if they are based on shared priorities from an engaged civil society. To recognize and honor this very important role, this year OGP will invite applications from civil society organizations who can showcase compelling and impactful examples of how they used government-held data and information to make a difference.

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How It Works

Simple as one, two, three.



Register your civil society organization (CSO) to begin the application process. All CSOs must be registered no later than Monday, June 27, at 10:00 AM PT.

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Each team must submit a three-part application, including The TEAM, The INITIATIVE and The PITCH. These sections ask the team to identify the staff responsible for the initiative, as well as any partners, describe the merits of the initiative, and provide evidence of results.

The Application


All participants who have submitted an application will undergo an administrative review before being distributed to the judges. Judges will use the scoring rubric and provide extensive feedback with their scores.

The Scoring Process


Multiple Categories of Recognition

As with previous years, OGA will institute a diverse, highly-qualified and credible panel of judges to score the top submissions. OGA will honor three overall WINNERS, four HONORABLE MENTIONS and a SPECIAL RECOGNITION category for a youth-led initiative. Judges will articulate why they want to nominate this youth-led initiative. The initiative that is nominated the highest number of times will be chosen for special recognition. Even if this initiative appears in the “winners” or “honorable mentions” category, it will be doubly acknowledged.

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